Coming back from Dutch Design Week & Netherlands, I acknowledge some potential of what my organic shaped gears can become. I arrived back to the State on Wednesday, 10/21/15. The next day the entire Fiber department senior thesis group had a field trip to Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) in Philadelphia.

At the FWM, I came across the following picture from a book at the gift store. I’ve considered a different material to approach making gears so when I came in contact with this photo, I was immediately excited. The photo is called self-lubricating gears and lubrication cogwheels, manufactured by Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG.


On the way back in the bus ride, I reviewed the photo of felt gears. And a question after the other in my head finally hit me. If the gears are supposed to initiate movement, they must be most-efficient. Therefore, the material must contribute to its efficiency. However, the felt material is rather absorbing friction, which limits gears’ potential to radiate energy outward. Then I realized more that what I’ve been modifying the shape of practical gears can seem nonsensical for some. As I countered the material oddity with felt gears, I reflected myself and the project. I kept sketching and I was yet struggling with the non-efficient practicality of organic gears. When I was brainstorming for generated movement of organic gears, I naturally ended up embracing that I’m eventually interested in movement, almost ignoring the fact that it is organic-shaped. Having myself removed from the work and coming back with fresh perspective of gears, I realized what I eventually want to present is the movement and human interaction within it.

THEREFORE!! I’m very much excited to announce my new direction of work, which will be a playground for both adults and children.
*Rule for the playground*
-Two human must interact in order to initiate/witness the movement
-Gears will be human-powered.

I’m imagining my organic shape gear to be replaced in the platform of roundabouts:

Roundabouts 1

I think I am unconsciously influenced(&impressed) by the arrangement for kids play at Dutch Design week:

IMG_2099IMG_2098 IMG_2096 IMG_2095  IMG_2093        IMG_2106    IMG_2100

IMG_2104(<From Archeology Museum>)IMG_2102

Other possibilities with organic gear playground:

31. Make a seating
2. (either/or)
Make a handle

< Light Drawing


One thought on “ROUNDABOUT!

  1. I like making a playground for both adults and children, since adults have to supervise their small children anyway, they might as well have fun interacting with the structures as well!


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