Pressure waves (SOUND)


  • string is vibrating,creates impulse in the air, impulse in the air is a slight elevation of pressure (atmosphere) – goes to your sound drum – brain

Wind is transmitted Hot spot > cool spot
Air moves from hot to cold. BY pressure waves, Molecules next door

violin bow = wind
violin string vibrating = sand
Trumpet sound traveling inside the tube = compressed sand

————Following will be what I will research more, regarding pressure waves–

There are quite a few unique natural phenomena in Kazakhstan. For example, you may listen to “concerts” of signing sands in the environs of the resort of Ayak-Kalkan (Almaty region): here the sand dunes, being moved by the wind produce sounds which are as loud as the blasting of a ship siren.

Situated in Mangyshlak (the peninsula which juts out into the Caspian Sea) is the dry Karagiye Sink, the deepest in the FSU, with a depth of 132 meters below sea level. Then in Kazakhstan there are vast underground lakes, intricate canyons, and mysterious ice mountain Muztau – an iceberg on land.


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